Aarna Tech Solutions is a young company established in 2016 with a talented workforce. Based in Bangalore, Aarna is a talent acquisition management company that specializes in end-to-end hiring needs for organizations. We are a highly motivated team, well qualified and experienced in providing human resource services.

We are commitment-oriented and actively indulge in job analysis, screening and evaluation of candidates, interview, in-depth assessment, selection process, hiring, onboarding, career development and advancement, performance management, appraisal process and more. We combine the latest hiring practices taking advantage of social networking sites to achieve the best results.

We at Aarna continuously observe and understand the growing trends of the current marketplace. Our objective is to support organisations in achieving their FY goals by developing and implementing HR strategies that are integrated with their business strategy. We draw insights from the present market behavior to be able to forecast future demand for various skillsets and rate of employment in all the industry verticals.

What sets us apart?

Innovation has created new business models. Demand for niche skills is at an all-time high and it is observed that employers are going to great lengths to host the best talents in the industry and harness their skills in achieving organizational goals.

We at Aarna understand that job roles in the current marketplace are dynamic and this is the most important factor in looking for the right skills. We are flexible to accommodate any modification during the hiring process. We perform hiring trend analysis of your organization when we engage with you on the long term to forecastmanpower needs and engage in strategic planning for the future.

Collaborating with Aarna’s recruitment service benefits employers in the following ways:

  • Hiring the industry’s best talent
  • Value for time
  • Value for money
  • Competitive advantage
  • Share insights regarding current industry standards in compensation and more
  • Actively engage in knowledge sharing, networking and relationship building